Fish #1

I have already cooked a few fish dishes that I was quite happy with this year.  For Dad’s birthday I did a Salmon with Rice in Green Tea which involved pouring freshly brewed tea over the dish at the table – a brilliant twist on a broth! Another was a Baked Salmon with Leeks, Herbs and Garlic for a salicylate-free feast.  You might notice that there is a bit of a theme here – salmon is the only fish I ever seem to cook.  Sure it is wonderful for you, but I am also a big fan of variety and sustainability and so I am setting a new rule that I must try cooking a variety of fish for the rest of the year.

Today I watched the Neil Perry fish episode of Poh’s Kitchen and then found his elegant fish curry recipe on the lifestyle food website

He uses blue eye cod, garam masala, ginger, garlic, paprika, tumeric and lime juice.  Sounds good!  I am also going to do a vegetable side dish, to try to use up some of the beautiful pumpkin and baby eggplant we picked up from J’s sister’s community garden.  So far the plan is to roast the veges with a bit of the garam spice and nigella seeds to tie the side dish in with the curry.  We will see!

It was delicious!

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