The cycles of our immune system

A few weeks ago the Science Show on ABC Radio National spoke to Brendon Coventry, associate professor surgical oncologist from the University of Adelaide, about his thoughts and research into the potential biorhythms of the immune system.  The thought is that the immune system might have a weekly cycle with times of increased immune activity and times of decreased activity.  This could mean that there are certain times in the cycle when treatments like chemotherapy might be more effective and even require a lower dose and the potential for less side effects.

This type of awareness about the patterns of our body could be the next paradigm shift that will help us develop more specific and effective treatments.  Coventry makes the point that efficacy of treatment can have a big impact on the financial cost of healthcare, and I would add, also the cost to the wellbeing of the patient undergoing this treatment.

I highly recommend having a listen to the segment:

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