Wrapping up 2013

As I  wrap up my last clinic day for 2013 I can’t help but reflect on an incredible year of naturopathic practice.

All intentions for regular posts went out the window (clearly :) ) with the challenges and excitement of each new patient and the inevitable work load of a small business. This has been a year of great learning (as they all seem to be) and a number of themes have emerged:

  • The contraceptive pill is offered with ease and removed with difficulty. I have worked with a number of women of all ages this year who have had far from straight forward experiences coming off the pill. This is not the case for everyone, of course,  and thankfully I feel well placed as a naturopath to support these transitions. I do feel that women need to be better informed about the end game of their time on the pill, preferably when making the decision to start.
  • Sometimes the diagnosis is misleading. My work with women who have been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) has really highlighted the flaws in this diagnosis. PCOS is not a great name for what is really going on and there are many underlying, modifiable factors that have nothing to do with cysts. I am excited to see that treatment can bring real change to symptoms.
  • Health is dynamic. It is dawning on me that the quest for balance and ‘perfect’ symptom-free health is unrealistic. Not because we are all doomed to be unwell, but because our bodies are dynamic, reactive and changeable. There are cycles that drive us through the day, month and year and through our lifespan. This is part of the magic of being alive. The goal of any practitioner can be to support this constant change with a flexible approach.
  • Symptoms are our bodies way of telling us.. something. My own health journey this year has opened my eyes to the role of symptoms and the importance of allowing the space to listen to the message that is behind those symptoms. Do you need to slow down? Do you need to get up and move? Do you need to open your eyes, or your heart to something bigger?

I have been honoured to play a role in the health and lives of so many incredible people this year. My life has been changed by you as well, so thank you.

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