… and there goes 2014!

Dear 2014, thanks for being excellent.

I have had the great pleasure to work with so many wonderful people this year. Thank you to all of my patients, students and colleagues for the challenges, successes and constant learning! Special thanks to my colleague Lara Briden for sharing so much wisdom.

Personally there has been a lot happening this year. 2014 saw me get married, travel to Mexico and New York for the first time, move house and support my husband in his change of career and new business. So much action has been very satisfying (and a little exhausting!).

I am left thinking about balance and restoration of energetic reserves to face another big year… or maybe not. Maybe 2015 will be a more moderate, settled time which will require a softened approach, a loosening of the drive to create and change to allow a different kind of growth. I am excited to find out :)