The mysterious overlappings of life and work

As a naturopath it makes sense that my work would influence my life. Through these years of study and practice I have learned many valuable lessons about how to live my life to encourage health rather than disease. I love that a big part of my work is to share this with my patients and to empower them to make small changes that I know over time will lead to huge benefits.

I was originally drawn to study and practice naturopathy because many of the professional roles I found myself in made it difficult to make health an ongoing priority in my life. I got to a point where I was done with sacrificing my health for my work.

Now I have found that my work as a practitioner has become relevant to my own life in more ways than I ever expected.

My husband and I have had difficulties with our fertility for the last few years and this has been the most challenging experience of my life so far. I understand the processes and problems of infertility in more detail than is probably helpful for someone going through it themselves..! A big challenge has been stepping back and accepting that it is not up to me to ‘fix it’ for myself. I have sought support from a team of brilliant practitioners and this has helped. A lot.

But I can never really let go of my need to understand why. This drives me through every day of my own health journey and it absolutely drives me in my work with patients. I want to help people learn why, and how, and what can be done. But I also recognise that the answers to these questions are not always available to us when we want them. I trust that in the future we will be able to look back and realise what this was all about. We will realise what we learned in the process, what we never would have learned if we hadn’t gone through it.

Until then, I am going to keep asking why, and how, and what can be done..                   But I will also remember to let it all go once in a while.