About Sophie

Sophie Gleitzman • BHsc (Naturopathy) • MATMS

Naturopath • Herbalist • Nutritionist

Sophie is a university trained Naturopath with an intuitive approach. She prescribes individualised herbal formulas, nutritional medicines, diet coaching, and lifestyle guidance.

Are you trying to get off and stay off the Pill, deal with your post-Pill breakouts, understand PCOS, or balance your thyroid?

Sophie has a special interest in hormones and the inter-connectivity of the endocrine system. Her clinical focus is to support the healthy balance of adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar and sex hormones to return the body to balance. What ever stage of life you are in, your hormones are key to your health and wellbeing.

Sophie also supports patients with anxiety and stress-related conditions, poor immunity,  fatigue, mood imbalances, and liver and digestive issues.

Sophie offers fertility support and pre-conception care programs which include detoxification and elimination support, stress reduction and diet coaching to set up healthy eating patterns for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your initial consultation with Sophie will allow the time to explore your health history, diet and lifestyle in detail to gain perspective on the individual nature of your health concerns. 

Patients who see Sophie experience relief from the anxiety and confusion that surround ongoing health problems and come away feeling empowered with changes they can make to improve their health and feel well.

Sophie is a university trained naturopath (University of New England, Armidale and the Australian College of Natural Therapies) and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Alongside clinical practice Sophie also works as an Online Academic supporting students through their own natural health education.

To contact Sophie please email: sgnaturopath@gmail.com

Sophie is currently taking a break from clinical practice to enjoy some long awaited maternity leave :)



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