The balcony garden continues!

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Selected for its well established leafy green progress, the newest addition is a sorrel plant.  I had a vague notion what sorrel is, at least I was pretty sure it was edible, until I chomped on one of the leaves.  The flavour is bizarre!  My taste bud warning lights came on and I admit I did a quick google check to confirm this plant’s non-poisonous status.

Safe to eat it is, although I was warned not to dive into a sorrel heavy diet too quickly or suffer it’s potential laxative effect.  My first impression is that this leafy green would be best suited to small quantities anyway, the flavour is so unusual.

Where I was expecting bitter I found sweet, but also salty and sour, just hints of all these things in a soft green leaf.  The tasting notes I found online all compared the flavour of sorrel to kiwi fruit or strawberry, and I have to say I agree.  What a great surprise to find a complex, fruity, leafy green.

Next stop, sorrel omelette.

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