A new home!

Change yet again proves itself to be great.  From raging Newtown to peaceful Marrickville, from crumbly terrace to warehouse apartment.

I am loving this place like my first time out of home.  The heady infatuation of something so separate, so different, so mine.  I love it so much I almost feel guilty, like I am neglecting the nest that has looked after me for so long.  And it has, the wonderful suburb of Newtown, carried me through a period of excess and growth and ever intersecting relationships.  I still feel close to it like it is there if I need it, but now I can go back and visit when I want and really appreciate the time spent.  Change had to happen and it is good.


I am an inner Sydney girl at the start of a new path. After years of hard study I am a qualified Naturopath, a profession that fills me with excitement, awe and respect. I see a future where I never stop learning and questioning, seeing things from new perspectives and discovering the wonders of the natural world.