What is Herbal Medicine?

I feel so lucky to have access to medicines made from the natural world.

Herbal medicines are made from plants and take advantage of the incredible synergy of active constituents that exist naturally and work together to bring about healing in a gentle and balanced way.

Many pharmaceutical drugs are made from a single active constituent isolated from a plant but side effects can occur due to the loss of the other synergistic constituents that balance the action of that one plant chemical.  Herbal medicines use the whole plant and preserve this synergy.

There is really no illness or condition that herbal medicine can’t support, as the medicines simultaneously relieve symptoms and act as tonics for important body systems.  Herbal tonics for your digestive system can improve bloating, constipation or heartburn and herbal liver tonics are wonderful detoxifiers.

Herbal medicines can be taken as tablets or capsules and applied topically in some cases.  The best way to maximise the effect of herbal medicines is to take a liquid herbal tonic that is blended especially for your unique health picture.

Sophie Gleitzman is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist practising in North Sydney.  Please email sgnaturopath@gmail.com if you would like more information or to make an appointment.


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